Often mistaken for twins, Laura and Sarah are long time best friends whose creative drive and passion for design brought them to co-founding a floral business at the young ages of 22 and 20. Both Laura and Sarah were brought up by immigrant parents who instilled in them a hard work ethic and drive from a young age. 

Their story began years ago, when putting together floral arrangements was just a favor they did for their close friends and family. After every event, they were told that they should turn it into a career. Looking at each other, they would laugh and dismiss 

in south Florida and beyond.

Thoughtfully created wedding and event florals

Since 2019,the Petal Creative has provided 

Hi there! 

A little bit about me - When I’m not in the studio, you can find me at home spending time with my family, cooking, and baking! I married my best friend and better half, James. We have two daughters, Penelope and Colette, who are our greatest joy and biggest blessings. I am a hopeless romantic who you can always count on to shed a couple tears at any wedding. I’ve always had a passion for design which lead me to graduate with a degree in Advertising & Communications from Florida International University. 

From a young age, I began working at my family’s custom stone company where I cultivated an understanding of what it meant to run a small business. I always knew I would end up starting something of my own but I never dreamt it would be in this industry! You're telling me I can be around flowers all the time and use them to create beautiful designs for peoples most special day as a career!? I'm in! 

Hey, guys, it’s Sarah here!
To officially introduce myself, my name is Sarah Davina Molin. Born and raised in South Florida, it is safe to say the beach has become my happy place. I am a lover of floral design and all things classy and aesthetically pleasing. I recently graduated from the University of Florida with a major in advertising.

I fell in love with weddings when I was a little girl but never thought I would get to play a part in such a special day .
When I’m not working with flowers, you can find me practicing my calligraphy or indulging in a great cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop!

the idea. They continued doing floral arrangement as a hobby and with each event they grew more and more in their skills and passion. Years later, they were offered their first paid gig out of state and from there is history!



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floral dreams to life.

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